ORCID and DataCite sign an MoU

Thanks to the ODIN collaboration, bonds are being strengthened.

ORCID and DataCite are pleased to announce their joint commitment to research data by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. ORCID and DataCite agree that data are essential building blocks of scholarship and research in the sciences, medicine, social sciences, and humanities. Researchers and scholars recognize the potential for increasing collaboration and synthesis when data are archived, published, and shared, forging the possibility for new discoveries built upon prior work. This vision requires that data be discoverable, citable, and connected to the people who created it. Reliable persistent data and researcher identification are essential to establish these links.

The two organizations are working together to improve and harmonize DataCite and ORCID metadata schemas for data and researchers, to develop new interoperable and open source APIs for our services, and to create complementary user services.