Codesprints results

First codesprint at CERN Oct 15-16 2013

Around 20 persons participated in this codesprint. Participants came from both ODIN partners and from external organizations not directly involved in ODIN. 

ODIN first codesprint group

The group of codesprinters collectively decided to work on four projects:

Embedding all my ORCID-claimed works (including data) on a webpage

This project built on previous work by ORCID EU Labs to create a set of simple tools for ORCID users to easily embed a list of their claimed works in a personal web page. On the server side, the ORCID Feed service (, originally created by Martin Fenner, retrieves a list of works from the ORCID API and transforms into a feed of items in a variety of formats and citation styles. This tool was extended to support a companion client side JavaScript code which fetches a formatted citation feed and inserts into the user’s web page as a bibliography. The user only needs to add one line of JavaScript and one line of CSS.

ODIN‘s HAMR – Human/Authority Metadata Reconciliation

This project grew from the need for a data centre to add ORCIDs for creators of works in their own system (and push this information DataCite) as researchers claim their works via the ORCID system. The example used for this project was the Dryad data repository, where less than 10 authors had included their ORCiD in works metadata.

After applying a preliminary version of the HAMR analysis, almost 500 authors/creators were identified, covering more than 10% of all Dryad datasets:

• Total number of authors in Dryad: 15,491
• Number of authors who have claimed Dryad data in ORCID (so far): 9
• Number of claimed author-work links found by HAMR (includes both article and data): 496
• Number of data packages in Dryad covered: 441 out of 4,132 (10.7%)

Links to code on Github and notes:

ORCID Union for data

A common challenge is integrating metadata describing persons and works stored in various unconnected systems or “silos”. The goal of this project was to enable person lookup in OKKAM’s Entity Name System (ENS) based on metadata harvested from DataCite and the ORCID public data dump. The tool can be used to “de-silo” links between an ORCID and a person’s works across multiple sources.


DataCite metadata form with ORCID lookup

Looking up ORCID identifiers by name is a common requirement for ORCID integrators. This project implemented ORCID lookup for DataCite as an HTML form, using a widget that can be reused by others.

The form, based on previous work by Marcin Paluch for DataCite Canada, retrieves ORCID metadata for one or more creators for a work registered with a DOI in DataCite and generate metadata XML for the work. The ORCID lookup is done by a widget developed by ANDS that can be reused by others. The generated metadata XML conforms to the current DataCite Metadata schema and contains ORCID IDs and person names for the work. The metadata record can subsequently be used to update the DataCite Metadata Store (MDS).

Code and demo: