Project workplan

WP1: Project management

Efficient, timely and accurate communication between the coordinator, consortium and EC.

Workpackage leader: BL

WP2: Communication    

To offer a communication framework within and beyond the consortium in order to ensure representation of all stakeholder groups in the activities of the project.

Workpackage leader: ORCID EU

WP3: Proofs of concept    

Develop two disciplinary proofs of the concept of open and interoperable persistent identifiers of data and contributors in scholarly communication, in a variety of current and future scenarios.

Workpackage leader: BL

WP4: Interoperability

Prove the value of achieving interoperability between open identifiers for data and contributors in different infrastructures.

Workpackage leader: DataCite

WP5: Strategy    

To enable the implementation of the ‘missing thin layer’ of interoperable, open, persistent identifiers in the architecture of the Collaborative Data Infrastructure proposed by HLEG in 2010.

Workpackage leader: CERN

WP6: Internationalisation

To be successful globally, the solutions proposed by ODIN must address the concerns of those global audiences. WP6 provides an additional mechanism for validating that relevance.

Workpackage leader: ANDS