Final event


Standing room only at the ODIN Final Event

Recognising and rewarding researchers for their work means connecting researchers to all their outputs, including datasets. Tools, systems and services to enable this are increasingly becoming a part of the fabric of open research.

The ODIN project worked for two years from September 2012 to link researchers to their datasets using PIDs in real-world research systems. The team examined the landscape as it evolved with input from an international group of experts in the field and built practical tools to enable others to link PIDs.

We were joined by a large audience made up of more than 80 experts, data professionals and others interested in research data citation, management, policy, evaluation and systems for the ODIN project final event, in Amsterdam on September 24, 2014. We were delighted that additional context and experience were provided by the keynote speakers for the day, Dr Merce Crosas, Director of Data Science at IQSS, Harvard University, and Dr Simon Hodson, Executive Director of CODATA, who both presented thoughtful and informative analyses of the current research data landscape, and how it needs to develop in the future. It was clear that the ODIN roadmap vision, of integrated PIDs as a core component of an evolving e-infrastructure to support open research, could help to unlock the benefits of a lot of the services, systems and innovations emerging from the research community.

As well as the keynote speakers, there were presentations from members of the project team showing ODIN solutions in action.  There were also  two parallel sessions during the event, one exploring policy issues in the drive towards PID adoption, the other a technical session with the ODIN development team exploring the potential of the tools developed during the project.

The ODIN Final Event event was collocated with the 4th Research Data Alliance Plenary in Amsterdam, and showcased the state of the art in research data citation, mechanisms for attribution and referencing in Open Science.


final event flyer

final event flyer