Report from October 2012 Kickoff Meeting now available

The report of the October 2012 ODIN Kickoff meeting is now available for download at and also linked from the ODIN Project Outputs page.

In the report we provide a summary of all presentations and the key scientific inputs and decisions we have taken from this input. The slides from all Kickoff meeting presentations are available from the meeting page. Not surprisingly for a project focused on persistent identifiers, the Kickoff meeting report has been assigned a DataCite DOI. We are working on adding ORCID identifiers for the main authors.

Some of the key questions that came up during the Kickoff meeting are:

  • Are persistent identifiers for data and people a goal in itself, or rather tools to solve specific problems? 
  • Are the different communities sufficiently talking to each other? 
  • How do we most efficiently promote data citation? 
  • How different are the challenges for small and large datasets?
  • How to accomodate local differences while not losing sight of global commonalities? 

The ODIN project partners are working on these and other questions in the coming 20 months, and we will present preliminary results in our next public workshop in October (hosted by CERN). Feel free to provide feedback by contacting Gudmundur ThorissonMartin Fenner, or one of the other project partners.