ORCiD tools – who’s claiming what?

One of the things we’ve discovered from talking with data-centres is that for many datasets they have scant author metadata, with little more that an institution name attributed. They’ve love the ability to pull claims information out of ORCiD and use it to selectively enrich their own metadata, thus completing a “virtuous circle” of integration. They’re also very interested in usage statistics and tracking the penetration of ORCiD within their own user-base.

Until now it’s been difficult for data-centres to access this information – it required coding against the ORCiD search API. Until recent changes in the ORCiD API, if the data-centre was using non-DOI identifiers then it was not just hard to do, but impossible. With that in mind, we’ve developed a tool that makes it really easy for them to do so using a simple interface, without having to implement any code.

The tool was initially developed to work with one of the ODIN partners data services, EThOS, and forms part of the same application. It’s freely accessible on the web and the code is open source. The underlying interactions with ORCiD are managed by a separate open source library that was also developed by an ODIN partner.

The tool can be found at http://ethos-orcid-appspot.com/search and the source code at https://github.com/TomDemeranville/orcid-update-java